Las Vegas WashHouse Uniform Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a uniform cleaning service Las Vegas? Uniforms have become an important part of everyday life, whether for work, school, or sports it is important for your uniform to look it’s best. In business uniforms are important to project a clean professional image both to existing and potential customers.

Las Vegas WashHouse Launders All Types of Uniforms

Weather you are a auto repair company, health care provider, or anything in between we can handle any type of uniform you may have. Las Vegas WashHouse will listen to your concerns and tailor fit a service to fit your needs.
We take pride in our work and have a high standard for detail. We give every customer the special attention they deserve and strive to be the best uniform cleaning service in Las Vegas

A Great Benifit for you and your Employee

Having your work force in uniforms that look like they haven’t been washed for weeks not only looks unprofessional it could be causing a loss of business. Many companies that require their employees to wear uniforms often find they are stained daily with tough stains that are often hard to get out with a typical home washer. Our uniform cleaning service is a great service to take the burden off your employees, and it ensures that your staff always looks their best.

Your Uniform Cleaning Services Solution

In Las Vegas there are many companies that offer uniform cleaning services, but Las Vegas Wash House stands out as one of the best and could be your solution for your uniform cleaning needs. We offer a customized service that is tailored for your specific needs. We have a high standard of quality and maintain a competitive pricing. Whether your school or company is big or small Las Vegas Wash House can give you the best uniform laundry service in the Las Vegas metro area.