HP Series Commercial Washer

commercial and idustrial laundry washer

HP line of Hardmount Professional washer-extractors


HP line

Our HP line of Hardmount Professional washer-extractors is perfect for your on premise laundry. Fixed mount operation and our excellent pricing means you'll save time and money in your laundry. Simple operator interface and robust design means infrequent maintenance. All 304 (18/8) stainless steel cabinet and wash area protects your investment. Available in 65 and 125 pound capacities.

Features at a glance
  • Standard 3 year warranty
  • Advanced Microcomputer, PC programmable, programs transferred via bluetooth.
  • 1 Compartment supply dispenser for dry and liquid chemicals
  • 6 connections for automatic chemical injection
  • Chemcical hold input
  • Stainless Steel cabinet. All parts in contact with the wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel.
  • Inverter drive - programmable variable speed
  • Single motor drive
  • Cool down
  • Programmable water levels
  • Rear drain connection

Featured Parts

Sturdy Hardmount Design

Solid Mount Construction Powerfully engineered and tested solid frame Withstands the rigorous demands of continuous operation Advanced anti-corrosion coating Easy access boltdown Integrated lifting bars for easy installation, can be moved with a pallet jack

Large Door Opening

Large Door Opening and Safe Door Interlock Opens 180 degrees for easy loading/unloading. Door and hinge made of 304 stainless steel. Silicon door gasket for extra tight seal and long life. Safe, simple, reliable door lock system.

Advanced Microprocessor Control

The FM7 Easy to use 30 wash programs. Trouble-free. 8 chemical signals. Chemical hold input. Programmable water levels, speeds and more . Incredibly flexible - handles demanding operations.

Standard 1 Cup Supply Dispenser

Supply Dispenser Automatic flushing according to programming 1 cup standard, 5 cup dispenser optional on HP-65. 5 cup standard on HP-125. Convenient height for easy access. Impervious to standard laundry chemicals. 6 liquid connection points on the rear of the machine.

HP-65 Basic Specifications

HP-65 300G Hardmount Washer/Extractor
Units US Metric
Capacity 65 lbs 29.5 kg
Cylinder Volume 9.7 cu ft 274.7 liters
Width 34.6 in 879 mm
Depth 47 in 1194 mm
Height 65 in 1651 mm
Weight 1552 lbs 705.5 kg
G Force 300
Door Opening 17.7 in 450 mm
Door Height 25 in 635 mm

HP-125 Basic Specifications

HP-125 200G Hardmount Washer/Extractor
Units US Metric
Capacity 125 lbs 56.8 kg
Cylinder Volume 19 cu ft 538 liters
Width 50.98 in 1295 mm
Depth 61.2 in 1554 mm
Height 65.7 in 1669 mm
Weight 3310 lbs 1504.5 kg
G Force 200
Door Opening 20 in 508 mm
Door Height 27.5 in 699 mm

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