How is the linen washed?
We wash each of our customer’s laundry in separate machines. We do not use the tunnel system (method that consolidates and mixes all the dirty laundry from multiple customers to be washed in less time). Your linens won’t be mixed with our other customers’ so you will always receive the linens that belong to you.
What is the cost of the service?
The cost of the service will depend on how you set up your account, if you own the linens or not, the volume of laundry you process, the pickup-delivery schedule and extra-services you request.
What is the pickup-delivery schedule like?
That depends of the volume of laundry you use everyday during the week. Check with us and tell us what your needs for clean linen are!
Are “Hot Shots” and “Same Day Turn-over” available?
Yes they are! All our clients know they can count on us when they have the need just give us a call with anticipation and we will deliver
Are there any additional charges?
This will vary, depending on how you set up your account, but the basic extra fees are:
    • Pick up-Delivery & Fuel surcharge fee:
    • Inventory-replacement fee: if we provide you the linen, we will replace the linens that show signs of wear and tear for a fee that will depend of the volume of laundry we process for you.
    • Extra Services (Hot Shots, Same Day turn-over)
Can we do Customer-owned garments?
Yes! If you already own linen that is in good shape and don’t want to buy any more, we can provide the service and help you save money.
Do you provide Embroidery Service?
Yes, we can embroider your company logos, names and other information on your lab coats and linens.