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commercial laundry

We Fullfill all of your Laundry Needs

Las Vegas WashHouse is committed to being your vendor for your commercial laundry needs. We offer a complete line of Linen and laundry services and can accommodate your special needs. We were founded by three professionals who have extensive experience in the industry. We have a new facility and can cater to any needs you have. Las Vegas WashHouse services the Las Vegas metropolitan area. We have expanded our services to include superior commercial laundry services and we also have a great boiler treatment service. Our boiler treatment service caters to the dry cleaning industry. With our boiler treatment service you can be assured we will help you maintain a perfect chemical balance and save you money on both the chemicals and maintenance costs.

Las Vegas Washhouse specializes in local small business laundry needs. We believe every customer is important and we offer the same great service for small businesses. If you are a local restaurant, bar, repair shop, or small local company that has a need for laundry service, we will take care of you.
Las Vegas Washhouse understands some of the other large commercial laundry services in town only focus on the larger companies. We feel many local businesses have been dismissed and will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty. If you just have a one time job, or a daily need for service, we will work with you to get your job done. We offer affordable competitive pricing to make getting your laundry or linens done right.

We utilize our special 8 step process for your commercial laundry needs. This process is important to ensure our customers get the highest quality product and complete satisfaction. The process consists of the following.

1. Receiving and sorting
2. Wash
3. Dry and condition
4. Press
5. Fold
6. Package
7. Weigh
8. Deliver

We also believe that your time is important. We work hard to working with you to deliver your commercial laundry on time, every time. This is always based on what is convenient to your schedule. We look forward to helping you meet your commercial laundry needs and we strive to always maintain a superior service.

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